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I have all this sales knowledge, and I'm still not hitting my sales

For the past 20 years, I’ve been working with sales organizations and sales professionals helping them achieve phenomenal sales results.

Before they started working with me this is what they would tell me:

"We have been training our sales teams on everything that sales experts tell us:

They’ve told us that, 

1. A sales professional needs to have the right intentions. 

2. The sales professional needs to establish the right expectations.

3. They need to have confidence; they need to be in control.

4. They need to be friendly and firm.

5. They need to stop selling and helping more.

6. They need to connect and qualify better.

7. They need to understand how to handle objections.

8. They need to have the right mindset.

9. They need to ask for the sale.

10. They need to know how to deliver a stellar presentation".

We’re investing hundreds of thousands of dollars with our sales teams through coaching, training and we are also providing them sales articles and sales books and still many of our sales people are struggling. We taught at one point it was because we weren’t hiring the write people… unfortunately I don’t believe that’s the issue.

I hear these types of comments all the time from my clients.

The reality is that providing sales training to your sales teams is a must.

The reality is that all this training is giving our sales professionals more knowledge but getting more knowledge will not help generate more sales. The issue is that no one is teaching our sales professionals when and where in the client sales journey this great knowledge should be applied.

Once you understand when and where to apply all this great knowledge, this is when you start having an impact, this is when you start having influence, this is when your credibility increases and this is when you start having phenomenal sales results.

If you want to avoid more frustrations and to avoid spending even more time and money on sales training… that is just repeating the same thing, now is the time to approach sales in a different way.

You have the sales knowledge; all you need is to understand when and where to apply all this great knowledge.

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Domenic Presutti is a high-performance sales mentor and coach to successful sales leaders and professionals. He is an author, creator of the 10X10 Sales Legend Growth ScaleTM and creator of the 8-Step Sales Legend JourneyTM, the only high-performance sales training program that creates sales legends. He works closely with sales leaders and professionals across industries worldwide and has more than 15 years of experience in sales managerial roles, mentorship and coaching to unleash the true power and potential of sales leaders and professionals for the greater good of their organizations, communities or for everyone they wish to influence positively. You may contact him directly at 1-866-489-2199 or via email at [email protected].