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Selling without selling

Is it possible to sell your products or services without selling?

The most impactful sales occur when the client looks at you and says: "I really need your product or service without you having sold anything".

This is only possible when you realize that the most important person when speaking to a client is the client.

When you have realized that everything revolves around your client, you will only have an impact when you are able to discover where your client is being underserviced, if you don’t, you have nothing to sell them.

This might seem easy, unfortunately it takes a lot of caring, humility and love to have tremendous impact as a sales professional.  a sale occurs only when you are able to help your client see a perceived need they don’t see. Once a client perceives this need, they will tell you that they want your product or service. So, in reality you haven’t sold anything.

In relationship-based selling, the key work is “relationship”.

When you decide to enter into a relationship with someone, you need to be cognoscente of the 3 silent questions that are on your client’s mind, which are: 

1. Can I trust this person?

2. Can this person help me?

3. Does this person really care about me?

Understanding these 3 silent questions, obliges you to take a step back and understand what your client is feeling, what they’re afraid of and what they want to achieve.

The only way to really understand all of this, is by… not selling.

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