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L2L Sales Diagnostics

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L2L Sales Diagnostics


Having the correct data is vital for making correct decisions. Not knowing exactly how your product or service is being sold makes it difficult to fix what might be slowing or stopping sales.

L2L Sales Diagnostics pinpoints the precise reasons for inadequate sales by focusing on sales behaviors, the strengths and challenges of your sales team in 3 core areas:

  1. Connection (building a relationship with your customer or client)
  2. Discovery (assessing precisely what their needs are)
  3. Closing  (ending the sales cycle with an agreement to purchase)

L2L Sales Diagnostics provides your organization with the data on the actual effectiveness of your sales force and quickly identifies areas of improvement for your sales professionals and your organization. It’s a known fact that all your personnel and your entire executive team are ‘selling’ the company’s products or services in every interaction. Knowing their sales behavior and improving it can materially affect your bottom line.

L2L Sales Diagnostics uses a series of highly researched questions that help the professional and management understand by an analysis of behavioral factors what is working well in sales and what areas need address. Once these areas are identified and handled, both the professional and the organization are rewarded with increased sales and revenue.

Sales is about having a “process” that results in success. It’s a combination of expert know-how and the psychology to support it. Effective sales behavior combines both seamlessly. It has been called an “art” as the communication flows so naturally between the sales professional and the customer.

In doing the L2L Sales Diagnostics, it’s normal for newer sales staff to have a lower score than those more experienced, though it is possible that they too can score low which tells them that they could do even better.

Your Scores Details

Within Your Sales Assessment, You will receive:

  • Overall Score compared with averages of all responses, responses in Your industry and Your experience in Sales
  • Breakdowns of Scores for Your Connection, Discovery and Closing sales skills
  • Tailored observations of Your performance and recommendations on how it can be improved

L2L Sales Legend Training & Consulting

To become expert in the 3 core areas of selling, L2L offers Sales Legend Training. Mastering the art and science of selling will enable to increase your sales by 25% - 40%. Using the L2L Sales Diagnostics, we can pinpoint and improve the exact areas that need address while amplifying those areas where you are already scoring well.

To achieve excellence in sales and position yourself as a true Sales Legend, we invite you to register now for the L2L Sales Legend Training.

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Domenic Presutti
Founder L2L Coaching

High Performance Sales Coach