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Open Letter: Behaviors that Prevent Sales Professionals from being in the Top 1% case

It’s interesting to see how average sales professionals love to stay average and how the top 1% of sales professionals love to always be part of the best in their field.

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10 sales principles that will quickly increase your sales results by 25-40% and more

These 10 sales principles will work wonders regardless of the industry you work in. These are the great sales principles that have evolved over the centuries and, when followed, they create the outcomes that will lead to tremendous success.

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Selling without selling

Is it possible to sell your products or services without selling? The most impactful sales occur when the client looks at you and says: "I really need your product or service without you having sold anything". This is only possible when you realize that the most important person when speaking to a client is the “client”.

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I have all this sales knowledge, and I'm still not hitting my sales

For the past 20 years, I’ve been working with sales organizations and sales professionals helping them achieve phenomenal sales results. Before they started working me this is what they would tell me: "We have been training our sales teams on everything that sales experts tell us: They’ve told us that...".

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